Palsgaard Family Photos

These photographs were taken by the Palsgaard family in San Juan Capistrano. That is Kim, Jon, Kelsey or Peggy Palsgaard. Still photos uploaded are full size pictures, they are downloadable free for private use. All rights reserved. Click on "COPYRIGHT INFO" in the menu bar to see important copyright information. Many of the originals were shot in RAW [NEF] format and converted to DNG [Digital Negative File] format and processed. All photographs have been converted for Smugmug to JPG and sRGB. -- Let us know if you would like DNG files of particular shots.

Videos on this site are HD format uploaded and reformatted by Smugmug for the internet. Some of the Videos posted here may also be found on Vimeo which is a service specifically designed for video sharing. Unlike Smugmug, you must have a Vimeo account (the basic account is free) AND be listed as a contact to view our videos at Please email us or talk to us if you want to view Palsgaard videos on Vimeo. Smugmug allows public domain music or requires a verification for music used under copyright license. Video music soundtracks are generally replaced with public domain soundtracks prior to upload to Smugmug since this is easier than verifying license status and ensuring copyright compliance to Smugmug.

If you are sending pictures they may be emailed to You may also contact us at this email address with any questions or comments you may have.

Happy viewing!

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